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Brief on the Library
The main Library is situated at the university core Centre. The pioneer Library will grow to encompass a number of branches consisting of small-scale Faculty and Research Centre branches. More specialized libraries will come up in the course of the development of the University.

Objectives of the Library

  1. To provide materials in support of teaching and research of the learning process. That is materials for students’ course work assigned reading as well as background reading for essays, term papers and projects.
  2. To provide materials to meet the requirements of faculty specialist, postgraduates students and other researchers.
  3. To provide materials to assist the library user in his/her personal self-development.
  4. To cooperate with other universities libraries with a view to developing a network of academic library resources and teaching faculties and
  5. To meet the specialized information needs of the community within which the university is situated.
  6. Guided by these objectives, the library will acquire materials at five levels: remedial, undergraduate, postgraduate and research, general studies, light and specialized information. These materials will include books, journals periodicals, and electronically stored information.

Administration of the Library

The University Librarian, who heads a team of qualified professional staff, administers the library. There are seven operational division in the library as thus:

  • The Collection Development Division, which is charged with the responsibility of developing the total book collection of the library and its branches.
  • The Technical Services Division, which has the function of processing acquired books to enable the readers gain access to them on the shelves with minimum delay. In doing this, the Division maintains a card catalogue which indicates what the library has and where it can be located on the shelves.
  • The Readers service Division, which is the public relation organ that registers readers and control the use of the library materials. It also ensures that library rules and regulations are obeyed, and assist the readers optimally in their reference and bibliography requests. It also provide closed access service at the reserved unit and also charge and discharge users in addition to charging fines when there is overdue of library books.
  • The educational and information Division takes care of some GST courses (Library Instruction), Library publications and seminars. The division also helps with information on the Library.
  • The Serials Division acquires scientific and other materials that are published from time to time on a regular or semi-regular basis. These materials discuss current issues and developments on given subjects. The acquisition, processing and public service rendered by this division are of immense benefit to students, academic staff and researchers.

Opening Hours

The library’s opening hours vary according to the following schedules:

A. Monday to Saturday: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
(Note: Some sections may be closed on weekends)
Public Holidays: Closed
Mondays to Friday: 8:00 am – 6:00pm
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