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Chifu E. Ndikilar is a Professor of Theoretical Physics in the Physics Department of Federal University Dutse. He obtained his Ph.D (Theoretical Physics) from MAUTECH Yola, M.Sc (Physics) from University of Jos and B.Sc.(Hons.) Physics from University of Buea. He has been a university lecturer for more than a decade and became a Professor in 2016. He is an active researcher of gravitation and theoretical astrophysics. Some of his other research interests include ab initio quantum computations and boundary value problems. He has over fifteen conference presentations & proceedings and more than 70 articles in peer reviewed journals. Chifu E. Ndikilar has equally published three books and has edited one book. He has supervised many graduate students and serving as external examiner for Masters and Ph.D candidates. He has equally assessed some academic staff for promotion to the rank of reader and professor. Prof. Chifu is a reviewer of research articles in several journals. He is a currently a member of the Editorial Board of Progress in Physics Journal and the Editor-in-Chief of Dutse Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences. He is a member of International Association of Mathematical Physics (MIAMP), Nigerian Institute of Physics (MNIP) and Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics (MNAMP). He was the pioneer Head of Physics Department, Federal University Dutse. He is currently the Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science and also the Deputy Director, Research and Publications Section, Directorate of Research and Development.

The Federal University Dutse (FUD), Research and Development Directorate was established sequel to a letter from TETfund dated 22nd June, 2016 requesting the University to furnish it with information on the University’s areas of strength, comparative advantage, deficiencies in research infrastructure, existing research culture and functionality of its R & D directorate. The aim of the FUD, Research and Development Directorate is to facilitate the development and management of research policy in the university. It is to oversee the affairs of research, innovation, collaborations/affiliations/linkages and to increase productivity and sustainable utilization of natural resources under arid and semi-arid condition, thereby improving the living standards of the communities. This directorate will focus on research enhancement and provide a framework for growing and strengthening the intensity, excellence and impact of the University’s research, innovation and artistic creativity initiatives. The R & D Directorate is headed by a Director and is subdivided into three sub directorates:

  1. Research and Publications
  2. Partnership and Affiliations
  3. Innovations and Technology Incubation Sub Directorates

To become one of the leading centres for intellectual engagement, innovations, scholarship, partnerships and the production/dissemination of high impact research in Nigeria.

To provide a veritable platform for harnessing the research potentials of FUD academics for the promotion of scholarship and high-impact/need-oriented research.

To foster transformative research, partnerships, innovations and creative activity and disseminate the results of these efforts in a manner that maximizes the benefits to society.

To attract outstanding research that will impact on the University host community, catchment area and the nation at large.


The Research and Development Directorate will focus on the following research areas (Thematic Areas) over the period of the Strategic Plan (2016 – 2020):

  • Agriculture (Seed Improvement)
  • Bio-Technology
  • Food Systems
  • Climate Change (Flooding)
  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Cybercrime and Cyber Security
  • Insurgency and Terrorism
  • Forensic Science
  • Community Policing
  • Economic Recession
  • Entrepreneurship/Youth Development
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Solar/Electronics Equipment


  1. Organize periodic seminars and capacity building workshops on different aspects of R & D such as writing good research proposals, research ethics, funding and collaborations;
  2. Facilitate innovative interdisciplinary research across the various faculties/college of Federal University Dutse;
  3. Track and maintain a database of all research output from Federal University Dutse, including those sponsored by TETFund and non-governmental agencies;
  4. Organize annual research exhibition for live showcase of FUD research output to the industry and other stakeholders;
  5. Organize an annual Vice Chancellor Research Excellence Award for the FUD Researcher of the Year to promote the spirit of scholarship and sustain research culture in the University;
  6. Superintend over and coordinate all research activities of the university and serve as a one-stop-shop for research in the Universit;.
  7. Develop a Research Policy for the University and present same for Senate approval and
  8. Develop Ethics Committees in each of the faculties/college of the University and supervise their activities.


  1. To promote high-impact research in order to transform the University to international standing;
  2. To establish a mechanism for technology/knowledge transfer and product development with the aim of generating spin-offs and intellectual Property (IP) rights in order to make research truly functional;
  3. To act as a link with national and international organizations/institutions and establish a data bank for all partnerships and externally funded research and development project in order to ensure effective coordination;
  4. To establish a database that will collate, collect, store, process and disseminate information on research, publications, innovation and networks for the benefit of the University community and others;
  5. To coordinate all aspect of research, innovation and critical partnerships and advice Senate and the Management on priorities, resources and other related issues in order to ensure effective monitoring, evaluation and feedback;
  6. To continually develop new initiatives, and to set policy, aimed at planning for the improved quality of education and to ensure their proper and timely implementation;
  7. To initiate research proposals in collaboration with other departments, faculties/college and other institutions so as to design programmes for qualitative planning and international benchmarking;
  8. To monitor the implementation of strategic and operational plans to ensure quality, quantity, timeliness and results in relation to planned objectives and expected outcomes;
  9. To prepare Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) in conjunction with the University Legal Unit on related collaborations or partnerships and
  10. To organize workshops, seminars exhibitions and conferences as well as participate in national and international conferences and seminars on research use and application.




He shall be responsible for providing administrative leadership, which normally includes:

  1. Leading strategic planning for the directorate to ensure that its objectives are aligned with the university’s Strategic Plan objectives;
  2. Overseeing the activities of the sub-directorates for efficient and effective discharge of their respective functions;
  3. Overseeing the proper discharge of administrative duties of the directorate including supervising personnel, financial management and operations;
  4. Head the Research and Development Committee of the University;
  5. Managing the research plan effectively and efficiently, ensuring that accepted standards of research and ethical behaviour are met;
  6. Managing the space needs of the directorate in consultation with appropriate university authorities;
  7. Enhancing the reputation of the directorate and the university by undertaking quality research;
  8. Encouraging and supporting the raising of funds for research, capital and operating funds, including cooperation with the Alumni and other funding agencies and
  9. Inform and advise the University Senate on research and research training matters as they may arise.


  1. To oversee the implementation of the University’ research policy framework and guide towards generating new knowledge in the thematic areas identified in this policy;
  2. To strengthen general research activities of the University by providing benchmarks, training of academic and non – academic staff as the case may be;
  3. To provide climate for collaborative and interdisciplinary world-class researches;
  4. To support indexed publications among staff and upgrade local publication outlets for international listings and indexing;
  5. To vet and recommend to the Vice Chancellor, applications for research grants from the University research funds;
  6. To act as clearing house and disseminator of information on research issues and activities in the University and
  7. To facilitate the publications of research outputs.


  1. To improve the position of the University in the global knowledge production/supplychain networks;
  2. To coordinate partnerships entered into with other institutions, organizations and individuals.
  3. Serve as a one-stop-shop for information, logistics, funding and support for all partnerships, collaborations, linkages, affiliations and networks locally and internationally;
  4. Ensure the execution of the deliverables and terms of all linkages, partnerships and externally generated funding;
  5. Identify mutually beneficial partnerships and ensure the sustainability of existing networks and
  6. To continually follow-up on all partnerships and ensure that they are mutually beneficial.


  1. To identify researches and projects across the University that demonstrates clear commercial or social value;
  2. To stimulate technology incubation of new inventions;
  3. To identify potential users (inventors, industry, government and entrepreneurs) of University’s research outputs with the aim knowledge transfer/sharing;
  4. To promote and facilitate Community Incubation for women and youth by teaching beneficiaries how to create value added sustainable businesses with the sole purpose of graduating them either as individual operators or co-operative groups based on available raw materials within their domain;
  5. To develop strong linkages with government agencies and private organizations such as National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC), Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), National Office of Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), National Institute of Leather Science and Technology (NILEST), Bank of Industry (BOI), Bank of Agriculture (BOA), National Directorate for Employment (NDE), Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Local Government Councils, Chamber of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperative etc;
  6. To facilitate the creation of new techniques, technologies, products, new businesses and generating licenses and consultancy emanating from the University’s original research projects;
  7. To provide technical and logistic support in the thematic and non-thematic research areas to generate Intellectual Property (IPs) rights;
  8. To provide incentives and challenge the faculties/college, departments and centres to generate IPs from their original research works and showcase all the IPs so generated locally and internationally;
  9. To develop the capacity of researchers/research groups in IP generating researches;
  10. To create a stock of commercially viable knowledge-based product for the University and
  11. To organize periodic exhibition of Research outputs of the University.


  1. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Central Administration)
  2. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Services)
  3. Deans of Faculties/Provost College of Medicine
  4. Directors of Centres,
  5. Faculty Representatives and
  6. Deputy Directors, R&D Sub Directorates (Research and Publications, Partnerships and Affiliations and Innovation and Technology Incubation).

STRATEGIC PLAN (2016-2020)

Strategic Plan Strategic Plan

Name: Prof. Chifu E. Ndikilar
Deputy Director Research and Publications
Name: Dr. Salihu Ibrahim Ismai’l
Deputy Director Partnership and Affiliations
Name: Dr. Philip N. Ndubueze
Deputy Director Innovations and Technology Incubation Sub Directorates
Name: Engr. Salihu D. Ismaila

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