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The Department of Physics, under the Faculty of Science is one of the pioneer Departments in the Faculty of Science. Lectures commenced in the Department in July 2012 with one Senior Lecturer (Dr. Chifu E. Ndikilar) and one Assistant Lecturer (Mal. Tasiu Zangina). From this modest beginning, the staff strength has grown in number and quality over the years. At inception, the department admitted no students and only offered servicing courses to other departments in the Faculties of Science and Agriculture. The first set of 33 Physics students was admitted in the 2013/2014 academic session.

Presently the Department of Physics runs a four year degree programme leading to the award of a B.Sc. (Hons) Physics Degree. There are two semesters in each academic session. The programme includes an industrial training programme of 6 months during the Second Semester of 300 level under the Students Industrial Work Experience (SIWES). At 400 level students undertake a one year (both semesters) project and one semester (First Semester) seminar on different aspects of Physics under the supervision of an Academic Staff. The department also offers Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), Masters Degree (M.Sc) and Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) with specializations in Radiation and Nuclear Physics, Material Science, Geophysics, Renewable Energy Physics and Theoretical Physics. The department has seventeen academic staff with various areas of specializations. The current Head of Department is Dr. A. B. Suleiman.


Title(s): Professor of Theoretical Physics


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Chifu E. Ndikilar is a Professor of Theoretical Physics in the Physics Department of Federal University Dutse. He obtained his Ph.D (Theoretical Physics) from MAUTECH Yola, M.Sc (Physics) from University of Jos and B.Sc.(Hons.) Physics from University of Buea. He has been a university lecturer for more than a decade and became a Professor in 2016. He is an active researcher of gravitation and theoretical astrophysics. Some of his other research interests include ab initio quantum computations and boundary value problems. He has over fifteen conference presentations & proceedings and more than 70 articles in peer reviewed journals. Chifu E. Ndikilar has equally published three books and has edited one book. He has supervised many graduate students and serving as external examiner for Masters and Ph.D candidates. He has equally assessed some academic staff for promotion to the rank of reader and professor. Prof. Chifu is a reviewer of research articles in several journals. He is a currently a member of the Editorial Board of Progress in Physics Journal and the Editor-in-Chief of Dutse Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences. He is a member of International Association of Mathematical Physics (MIAMP), Nigerian Institute of Physics (MNIP) and Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics (MNAMP). He was the pioneer Head of Physics Department, Federal University Dutse. He is currently the Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science and also the Deputy Director, Research and Publications Section, Directorate of Research and Development.


Title(s): Associate Professor


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Dr Raymond L. Njinga is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, Federal University Dutse-Jigawa State and an expert in Nuclear Physics. He has set up numerous procedures in applying gamma spectrometry and reactor activation techniques worldwide. He is an active member with the Centre for Applied Radiation Science and Technology, North-West University, South Africa. Recently, the Centre has awarded him a research grant to investigate the Natural Radioactive Toxicity in Drinking Water Sources due to Abandoned Uranium Mines in South Africa for Nuclear Safety and Security (CNSS) in collaboration with the Centre for Applied Radiation Science and Technology. Dr Raymond L. Njinga have fifteen years lecturing experience, which cuts across Quantum Physics, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Solid State Physics, Electromagnetism and have published well above 50 peer reviewed articles. He is the current Postgraduate coordinator in the Department of Physics, Federal University Dutse.


Title(s): Lecturer

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ABBA ALHAJI BALA is a lecturer in the department of physics. He obtained his first degree in physics from Bayero University Kano-Nigeria in 2011 and then proceeded to Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan for his masters in Physics (medical physics) and graduated 2014. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the Institute of Fusion and Plasma Physics, International Joint Research Laboratory of Magnetic Confinement Fusion and Plasma Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.His area of research is Radiation Physics, Fusion and Plasma Physics. Mr. Abba has published several refereed articles in the field of Bio-Medical Physics, Nanoparticles, and Radiation in both national and international journals.


Title(s): Lecturer II

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Malam Anas obtained his B.Sc degree in Physics from Bayero University Kano (B.U.K) and MSc degree in Electronics from Tianjin University of Technology and Education, P.R China in 2009 and 2014 respectively. He is currently working towards the PhD degree in Electronics Science and Technology at Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin China. His main research areas include Computational Electromagnetics, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology, flexible and planar antenna design, and signal (analog and digital) processing.

Anas Abdu joined the service of Federal University Dutse (FUD) as an assistant lecturer in September 2015 and promoted to the rank of lecturer II in October 2017. He published journal articles at both local and international journals and proceedings.


Education: BSc, MSc, PhD (in view)

Discipline: Physics (Nanomaterials)


Title(s): Lecturer

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Bala Ismail Adamuwas born in February 1988. He received his first and Second Degree in Physics from Bayero University Kano, Nigeria in 2011 and 2016.Adamu Joined Jigawa State College of Remedial and Advanced Studies, Kafin-Hausa (JICORAS) from November 2012-May 2014. During the period of 2014 he joined the Research and Teaching activities in Federal University Dutse (FUD). To date, he has published numerous referenced articles in professional journals and conference proceedings.

Direction: Low field study in Half-metals; Energy-Related nanomaterials and device

Achievements: NRF-TWAS African Renaissance Doctoral Scholarship 2018


Title(s): Lecturer I


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Hafeez Yusuf Hafeez was born on 01thJune, 1986 in Gwammaja, Dala Local Government, Kano State-Nigeria. He received his Bachelor degree (B.Sc) in Physics from Bayero University Kano, in 2010. He then continued his studies at African University of Science and Technology, Abuja and completed his Master degree (M.Sc) in Theoretical Physics in 2013. Then, he joined as a research scholar at the SRM Research Institute, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India in July 2015 for carrying out his Doctoral studies. He joined as a Graduate Assistant in Federal University Dutse, Nigeria in October 2012 and currently, Lecturer I in the same University.

Furthermore, he supervised more than 10 undergraduate projects, 5 M.Sc. students’ researches and published more than 30 academic articles in reputable national and international journals, proceedings and book chapters with more than 50 citations. He is also, a member of three academic associations: Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics (NAMP), Indian Association of Science, and African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS).

His research interests are in Theoretical Physics, Material Science, Energy production (Hydrogen), Solar cell, Fluid Dynamics, Energy conversion, Supercapacitor, Computational Modeling, Relativity and Cosmology.


Title(s): Lecturer I

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Mr Sabiu Said Abdullahi was born in Kano State of Nigeria, He attended Bayero University Kano where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physics in the year 2011. He obtained his Master degree from Fatih University Istanbul, Turkey in 2014. He is specialized in the synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles. He is currently a PhD student at Bayero University Kano.

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