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Name: Dr. Sunusi Garba 

Title(s)/Position: Ag. Head of Accounting Department.

Dr. Sunusi is a Senior Lecturer and an experienced expert in the field of Accounting. An area he obtained his PhD in University of Utara Malaysia an AACSB accredited Management School in Asia. He specializes in Computerized Accounting System, Auditing, Corporate Governance, and Financial Reporting. He had his first, second, and final degrees in accounting and is Certified Chartered Accountant (CAA) under the umbrella of Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN). He is a certified ICDL in Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Online Collaboration and Presentation. Dr. Sunusi is a researcher that excelled in quantitative techniques and mastered the use of research tools such as STATA, SPSS and MS Excel. Thus, he produced several trendy articles published in international high-impact journals. Congruently, he presented several papers in many International Conferences. He served as a reviewer editor of many international, national and local journals. Dr. Sunusi visited about nine countries for academic, religious and personal activities, with established connections in more than twenty, which make him adaptable in terms of international collaboration. With regard to the job expertise, he had more than 10 years’ practical experience in Accounting, having required expertise in Computerized Accounting System and Financial Reporting. He worked with Bursary Department of Federal University Dutse as University Payroll Officer for more than three years before converting to Academic Cadre in 2015, since then he is involved in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He served as lead Consultant, Co-Consultant, Senior Consultant, and Accountant in many international and local community developments programmes.

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