Tasi’u Yalwa Rilwanu (PhD)

Assessment for the performance and failure of solar boreholes was undertaken in Kumbotso local government area of Kano state. This is in line with frequent failures of solar boreholes for effective water supply in the study area. Seven wards were selected for the study. Sample of 151 respondents were interviewed. Data was collected through field observation, use check list, interview and focus group discussion. The data was analyzed using simple statistics such as totals, means, standard deviation and percentages. Likert scale of measurement was also applied in analyzing the responses on performance, failure and level of utilization of boreholes. Student’s ‘t’ test was used to find out whether there is significant difference or not between functioning and nonfunctioning borehole in the study area. Chi-square test was also use in the analysis of problems and solutions. Result shows that there are 26 solar boreholes out of which 11 are functioning and 15 are not functioning it is established that there is significant difference among the eight study wards in terms of functioning and non-functioning solar boreholes at 0.05 level of significant. It indicates that 68 (46%) of the respondents said community members are the major stake holders. The result shows that most of the parameters are fairly satisfactory with means of 0.50 – 1.27. Result also shows that computed means of all the problems facing water supply trough solar boreholes are below the Likert scale of satisfaction of 2.80 – 3.42 and there is no significant association among the problems affecting solar boreholes performance for water supply in the study areas at 0.05 level of significant. Findings shows that provision of full security as a major solution to the problem of solar boreholes performance for water supply with 55 responses (36.45%). Result shows that there is no significant association among the major solutions to the problems. With particular reference to findings of the research it is recommended among other issues that adequate security should be provided to prevent solar panels, sumo and other important components from being stolen for effective performance and water supply.

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