A. M. Miyim Computer Science Department, Federal University Dutse Usman, M. T. Computer Science Department, Federal University Dutse Aliyu U. Bello Computer Science Department, Federal University

Nowadays, one of the fastest ways of connecting people with old friends is through the social media network platforms (SMNPs) which have greatly influenced the way people communicate. This has continued to receive acceptance among all age groups and still growing, opening yet another area of research that explore large data of both social and behavioural context. The heterogeneity of these SMNPs has further brought innovations in developing applications for integrating resources in offering seamless services among the various SMNPs. The aim of this paper is to integrate data from social relationships by proposing a heterogeneous point-to-point architecture that seamlessly integrates various SMNPs. A Globally Integrated Relationship Linkage (GIRL) model is proposed in this architecture to test the strength of relationships existing between various SMNP users. The model lead to the development of a search mechanism (i-Navigate) for finding the optimal social linkage among users of same connection in heterogeneous SMNPs. The paper try to evaluate the performance of the mechanism and show its effectiveness in supporting different application metrics of integrated content-sharing which will make developers of SMNP design effective user-driven SMNP applications.

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